Benue farmers call for government’s support to boost year round farming

Some farmers in Benue have called on the government to provide them with the needed support to enable them carry out farming activities throughout the year.

A cross section of the farmers in Makurdi, appealed for early provision of fertilizers and pesticides to commence the cropping season.

Benue Government

Mr Igbakura Tyonongu said farmers were eager to boost food production to stave off hunger and guarantee food security, if supported with necessary farming implements.

Tyonongu, a member of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria in Benue, said early commencement of the cropping season would bring good harvest.

Another farmer, Mr Aondongu Saaku, who is the Benue Chairman, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN)said that the good vegetation of the state supported production of different crops.

Saaku said, “farmers in the state enjoyed good vegetation that encouraged cultivation of different crops across the 23 local government areas of the state. Planting of crops was done based on soil compatibility.

According to him, some crops do not produce well in some local government areas but produce better yields in other areas.

Some of the dominant crops harvested in the state across its 23 local government areas are; rice, maize, yam, cassava, soybeans, Barbara nuts, Guinea corn and yellow yam.

Others were; cocoyam, cowpea, sweet potatoes, water yam, pigeon pea, beniseed, millet and sorghum.

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