Bishop charges Christians to live exemplary lifestyle


The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Nike, Enugu State, Rt. Rev. Christian Onyia, has admonished Christians to live exemplary and practical lifestyle worthy of emulation.

Onyia gave the advice at Emmanuel Church, Iji-Nike in Enugu on Sunday during the ongoing sixth synod of the diocese.

He said: “The moment we confess the Lord Jesus as our Lord and Saviour with sincerity of heart, we become like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

All eyes will always be in your direction no matter where you are. It could be at your place of work, business centre, at home or in church. Whatever we say or do as Christians go a long way in defining our life. What those watching you will ask is: ‘Is this man’s faith genuine’?

“‘Does he truly believe what he claims to believe’? They will analyse every aspect of your life, your family life, your business life, your social life and so forth.

In some cases, before you know it, they may have formed their judgment about your Christian life from what they see in you.”

The clergyman, therefore, charged the Church to speak boldly against outward religiosity.

He said that God is not interested in mere religious activities but in the true daily Christian life.

Continuing, he said that if what we do as Christians does not give Him pleasure, it is meaningless and without reward.

Remember that He is a judge and the day of reckoning is fast approaching.” The theme for the five-day synod is: “For Church mission, which is more important: Who or What I am?’’.

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