FIIRO trains 500,000 techno-entrepreneurs since 1986- DG


The Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi ( FIIRO) says it has trained no fewer than 500,000 techno-entrepreneurs since 1986 under its intensive technology transfer programme.

Dr Yemisi Asagbra, the Director General of FIIRO, stated this on Monday during a 3-day training on Instant Pounded Yam Flour Production Technology at FIIRO Processing Factory, Igbara Oke in Ondo State.

Asagbra,who was represented by Dr Dele Oyeku, the Director of Extension and Linkage, FIIRO, said that many of the beneficiaries of the institute had established profitable enterprises,thereby creating employment in Nigerian economy.

She added that FIIRO has developed over 250 indigenous technologies since its inception in 1956.

According to her, the institute had a broad mandate to conduct research and development into utilisation of indigenous raw materials for rapid industrialisation and socioeconomic development through micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

The Institute is working relentlessly to deploy its technologies to assist in rural and urban industrialisation using raw materials of relative advantage in each geo-political zone in Nigeria.

The overall objective of the institute’s programmes is to address the critical issue of youths and women unemployment by exposing them to various technology-based entrepreneurial opportunities that are available for economic empowerment,” she said.

Asagbra explained that the three-day training was selected because of the abundance of yam in South-West.

She said that with minimum amount of money and improvising some of the equipment, one could easily set up a profitable instant pounded yam flour enterprise.

The DG urged the 50 participants of the training to utilise the opportunity and develop entrepreneurial culture towards self-employments.

It is obvious that government cannot do it alone. The best way to go now is to encourage our youths and women. All over the world, entrepreneurship has been acknowledged as the surest way for massive job creation

When you are through with the training, do not procrastinate,start your enterprise immediately,there is joy in starting small and growing big.

Reject any excuse to start. Most multinational companies you see today started as small family businesses. The world is waiting for your products,” she advised.

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