Firm unveils OmniSmark yam pounder machine, makes cooking easier for Nigerians

First of its kind, a US-based company, Bendal Innovations has unveiled in Lagos, OmniSmart yam pounderplus machine into the Nigerian market and by extension Africa to improve the hygiene and cooking culture in every home.
The innovative device is not only capable of cooking and pounding yam, it can also cook other stable foods like rice, beans, semovita, casava and other root crops.
OmniSmart yam pounderplus machine is the improved sequel of the celebrated fufumagic machine designed by Gregson Oghafua Orobosa, a Nigerian Cardiologist based in Texas, USA).

OmniSmark yam pounder machine

Speaking, Orobosa said, “OmniSmart yam pounderplus was designed with Africans in mind. Gone are the days when one was left with no options but to manually pound yam when preparing pounded yam. This device takes away every stress in manual pounding of yams”.
He further agreed that although some still prefer the manual process of preparing pounded yam, technology has introduced many other less stressful options, like the yam pounder machine, and has been widely accepted.

In addition, the CEO, Fuller Yield Venture, the sole distributor of OmniSmart Yam pounder machine in Nigeria, Steve Olayinka said that OmniSmart yam pounderplus is revolutionalised African cooking experience, saying that the company is ready to offer 16 percent sales discount to distributors willing to partner with Bendall Innovations.
“This yam pounder machine is now in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries, saying that the company has adopted the distribution sales driven marketing.

Continuing, Olayinka said, “Bendall will be working directly with distributors to deepen market penetration, hence the partnership with Zenith Bank to provide opportunities for SMEs with the capacity for 250 uptake of the OmniSmart yam pounderplus. Yam pounder machines are becoming more popular in the kitchen appliance market. He posits that apart from the fact that they are seen as a less stressful way of preparing pounder yam, it is also relatively faster. Its prices, designs and mode of operation vary.

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