Proper regulation will strengthen weighing, marking and coding sector

– Engineer Richard Osikhena Oyathelemhi

Engineer Richard Osikhena Oyathelemhi is the Managing Director/CEO, Rio-Weighing Systems Limited Nigeria, a company which service includes supply, installation, maintenance and repairs of weighbridges, industrial platform scales, industrial weighing process/weighing systems, laboratory scales and coders and marketing equipment. The company is the distributor and technical partners for Dini Argeo Weighing Systems, Italy and Rice Lake Weighing System USA.
In pursuit of quality service delivery and standard required in the sector, Rio-Weighing Systems Limited has signed a sole dealership agreement with Koenig & Bauer Coding and Marking.
In this interview with Industrybizextra
, Engineer Richard discussed the need of the weighing, marking and coding industry in Nigeria and as well challenges of the sector. Excerpts:
What service is Rio-Weighing Systems Limited rendering in the Nigerian business environment?
Rio-Weighing System is an indigenous weighing company with partners in US, Italy and Germany. We sell services and repair weighing equipment, coders and marking equipment.
How long have you been into weighing, coding and marking?
We have been into the weighing market for over two decades now. While we joined the marking and coding part of the business few years ago. The marking and coding part of the business is the main Rio-Weighing systems.
How strong is regulation in this sector?
With regards to regulation, we have a very good frame work in that there is a law and the Nigerian weighing and coding regulation was an extract from what British are using. However, we have a law, but implementation is the challenge as we have a human factor in the face. We have the education part of it. So the implementation of regulation is the issue, but I believe we will get there gradually.
Is your company into any partnership to promote standards?
Yes, Rio-Weighing System is strong in the promotion of standards. Most of our engineers are COREN and NSE registered, they are also OEM trained, and they are abreast with COREN standard and practice which regards to weighing, marking and coding. We also have partners that train our engineers from time to time. Partners like Rice lake , Dini argeo and Koenig & Bauer. We have training set for our engineers and staff intermittently.
What are the major challenges facing the sector?
The major challenge of the sector is implementation or execution of regulations. As I said earlier on that the laws are there but the executions are not there. Another issue is mediocre coming into the system to practise. The system needs qualified manpower to operate well. So there is need for training. Even Manufacturers have to be educated from time to time as standards are not permanently stationery. So education is one thing, execution is another thing.
What role do you think government can play to promote the sector?
The sector needs government encouragement. Again, what government can do to promote this sector is to encourage individuals, industries and ensure that standing regulations are adhered to. Now we have government officials that need to be trained and retrained, government can carry this responsibility and make sure that their staff that serve as regulatory personnel are well trained and abreast with current standard practice. Government can also help the sector so that mediocre will not take over the sector, those who are coming for the gain aspect of it. Make sure the sector is monitored so that those licensed will be those allowed to practice.

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