Proshare rebrands website, creates new logo to deliver increased value


Proshare, a topmost financial institution, has switched to a new identity, domain name and website to initiate the basics necessary to maintain its credible source position across the Nigerian financial, business, and economic landscape.

Mr Olufemi Awoyemi, Chairman of the Board, Proshare, intimated newsmen of the development in a report on Monday in Lagos.

Awoyemi said the transition was part of the company’s efforts to deliver more value to its subscribers and clients as a recognised standard bearer in the Nigerian business sphere.

He said that the institution had evolved over the last 15 years from a news and data analysis portal into a professional research and full-suite information service.

He noted that the company’s commitment to vision, enhanced by feedbacks from critical stakeholders, inspired a transition programme in 2019 which culminated to changes in its processes, platforms, products, and people.

These interventions, the Proshare chairman said, led to a redefinition of its services and corporate identity to embody the vision better, as part of a phased transition to an AI/ML Enabled Platform.

We have consistently embraced internally driven change and evolved ahead of market actions since our debut in 2006.

We have done this with and through consultations, and learning from engagements with stakeholders committed to a better market. This change in our corporate identity serves to energise the firm towards a culture of renewal, redefinition and reintroduction of our service to the market. It signposts the new pathway for value that our clients, subscribers, and partners seek and need and Proshare is excited about this change, as it marks a strategic move in its business evolution”.

Mrs Grace Adejare-Ajuwon, Managing Director, Proshare, said that the company’s new logo, a skeuomorphic design, leveraged its old identity.

It signified the ‘end of the search’ for thought-led insights to guide intelligent decision making by stakeholders.

She added that the new corporate identity further depicted Proshare’s character of being independent, inventive, audacious, simple, and distinguished.

The new brand identity projects our core values which include Professionalism, Resilience, Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Credibility, Consistency and Timeliness (P.R.E.D.I.C.T).

Proshare remains committed to delivering fit-for-purpose interventions that offers value for clients and subscribers following the recalibration of its service offerings into five key professional practice buckets.

They are named- digital media, stakeholder relations, impact research, market intelligence and strategic advisory,” she said.

Also, Mrs Reshu Bagga, Chief Technology Officer, Proshare, said that the company engaged experts locally and internationally in alignment with existing, emerging and future technologies to take its service delivery to the next level.

She said that for the first phase, the platform which was subscription-based, would offer robust personalization and search features.

This, she explained, would enable users customise their experiences with news, analysis and market data on various asset classes and optimised investor relations pages for listed entities.

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